Browser Plugins

Download the Take ONE Browser Plugin to play TakeONE animations in a Internet Browser. 

Plugin download is only required if you don't have Take ONE installed on your computer.
To check whether you already have the plugin installed click here.

There are two possibilities to download the plugins:
1. Download the plugin package containing both IE and Netscape plugin. A setup will automatically detect and install the appropirate plugin on your computer (size 901 KB).
  Click here to download the plugin package.   
2. Download the browser plugin only. This is automatically performed by Internetexplorer provided that the security options allow it. Netcape requires a manual install. (size 400 KB)
To download and install a single plugin please follow the instructions below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

To install the Internet Explorer Plugin, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Select Internet options from the Extras menu and select the Security Options tab. 
  2. Temporarily change the Internet Security level to very low or enable prompting for unsigned active-x controls. 
  3. Click here to install the Internet Explorer Plugin.
  4. Restore you previous security settings.

Netscape Communicator / Opera

  1. Download the file NPAni32.dll into the \Plugins subfolder of your browser software. If you run a standard installation of the Netscape Communicator the folder will be in:
    C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program
  2. After copying the file restart your Browser Software and test the function of the Plugin.