Take ONE 4 now available!

Take ONE is a universal graphics and animation program that lets you create characters based on a sequence of bitmap images and animate those characters even allowing user interaction and sound. Take ONE animations can be played stand alone, as screensavers or on the internet. Furthermore Take ONE can handle other animation file formats such as animated GIF, animated Cursors and AVI-Files.

A new highlight of Take ONE 4 is, that you may now publish your Take ONE animations on WWW pages on the internet. Use our new browser plugins which allow your page visitors to view them with both Internet Explorer and Netscape. Take ONE animations give you a lot more power than animated GIF's as they allow more complex scenes and may feature interaction and sound.

Take advantage of the new improved application user interface like e.g. the improved display of frames on the film reel, the new toolbar, tool tips and a list of most recently used files.

Use the improved frame editor to create and modify frames sequences even more comfortable. Replace colors with a tolerance level in order to maintain color gradations. Adjust color parameters like luminance, saturation, contrast and insert text more precisely with the immediate preview. Take ONE now supports high and true color images and frame sequences plus the JPEG file format for import and export.

Save your Take ONE animations using the new ANX file format which stores all frame, sound and scene data in a single compressed file. Improvements have also been made with the path animation and as an additional option you may run your animations on top of the current desktop background.